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Personal Passion - The first of the 3 P's of Passion

February 13, 2019

Personal Passion

It’s one the 3 Passions I believe we should always be pursing and the reason I spend each fall for the past 4 years coaching at Ben Davis High School. Being awarded a full scholarship to college through football was a life changing experience for me and I committed to myself that when I felt secure enough with my business and could find the time, I would give back and coach.

My goal each year is simple: to get my players to college. It’s a simple concept but not easy. It involves a lot of time on the field and off. A lot of meals shared in my home, tears shed in the locker room. However, when you are able to watch a group of young men grow up and positively change their futures right in front of your eyes.. It doesn’t seem like all the effort you put in was so hard.

Seeing two of these young men from the photo in my living room sign full ride scholarships to Ohio State University and NC State University last week.. Converted all the sacrifices and challenges that felt so draining at the time.. Into a feeling of pride and fulfilment that makes it all worth it.

I challenge you to give back in your personal passions at whatever level you can. If it’s your time, money, expertise, or even just intentful thought; You can make a difference. passion